Lido (Laboratore Innocenti Design Office) is an Italian design consultancy for interior and industrial design.
We constantly work with craftsmen and industries to domesticate objects, turning them into part of people daily life and rituals. We make it through decoration and imperfection given by the hand of who makes them.

photo Piero Fasanotto

Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore are the founders of Lido. They come from different project experiences yet sharing a love for design and visual arts. Ilaria’s approach comes from interior design education with a strong visual culture. Giorgio’s approach comes from industrial design, combined with a deep knowledge of materials and production processes.

Since 2014 they work together developing researches, art directions, product and interior designs. Focused on contemporary languages and attracted by object’s evocative and emotional features, they offer a tailor made approach to the companies they work with, dealing with product and interior but also with images, textiles, exhibitions and everything that can be imagined and designed. 


Hands on

We believe in sharing knowledge and skills. This is why our projects grow within industrial factories or artisan workshops. The place where things are made is the field for us to experiment.

Ritual objects

We look at objects as tools to perform a daily ritual (existential, social, individual, collective, political, cultural, etc.).

Stay human

We want to domesticate objects turning them into part of people daily life. We make it trough decoration and imperfection given by the hand of who makes them.

giorgio laboratore
photo Fabrizio Polla Mattiot

ilaria innocenti
photo Fabrizio Polla Mattiot


Lido *Laboratore Innocenti Design Office


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